Thursday, 15 July 2010

A little visitor

No lie in for us today - Smokey needs his breafast as usual. Gary was busy opening up the shutters when he spotted this little chap running very nimbly horizontally along the top wall of our covered terrace. As bold as brass! We thought at first he was a young squirel, but having checked our book he is a garden dormouse. I wonder if he's the one who's being nibbling my figs just when they ripen?

Fête nationale fireworks

The fireworks were spectacular againt the clear sky.
The dancing resumed afterwards and was still going strong when we left around 12.30am.

The meal this year was cooked by the Café de la Paix (just out of sight on the back right of this picture. They did us proud and it was much nicer being served at the tables instead of having to queue up for food, as we have done the past few years. The aperitif was Sargria (in honour of Spain's success in the Worls Cup), with a starter od Salade Perigourdine, followed by confit de canard with pommes Sarlandaise, grilled goat's cheese on toast and ice cream. A veritable feast indeed!

Fête Nationale Gensac

The weather forecast was not good for the party - thunderstorms and then showers. But we we lucky, and despite it becoming very dark and threatening in the afternoon it didn't rain (although lots fell in Paris....). In the evening is was pleasantly warm and sunny for our 'Repas Republican', set under our canopy of flowers.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

The fruits - no, flowers - of our labour

The flowers are up, looking great and we're all ready for the party on the 14th July. The four months of work forgotten, new friends made and 6000 flowers later here they are.

Friday, 2 July 2010

My second party this week

Yesterday we had our French class end of term party. In fact, all the the classes at 'Par Chemins' in Castillon were represented, the organisation gives classes in French for 'etrangers' and also basic literacy classes for all nationalities.

All the pupils brought something to eat and drink; there were sausage rolls, quiche and mini spanakopitas [greek spinach pies ] , savoury crepes, apple tart, cakes, mint tea, and the teachers brought a selection of drinks including cider and champagne.

Despite the terrific heat in the room we had exhibitions of dance from Morocco, India, Scotland and Greece.

Bonnes vacances!